The engine number DOES CHANGE. Per the STC the model number changes to add
STC XXXXXXXX to the 0-320 number. Also remember that if you had the complete
STC applied, the nose section of the engine has been modified and the type
of cylinders of the engine have changed. (Chrome instead of Steel). After
the STC, it is not the same engine.

You need the Field approval in-order to re-install the modified engine back
onto the production frame. For the most part, you could have just had the
STC applied and then just re-installed the engine but if something ever
happened and the NTSB determined it was due to the modification, your
insurance company would most likely not pay out because you installed a
modified engine on a production aircraft without FAA approval.

Jeff Bryant
Jeff Bryant
Southwest Regional Director
Beech Aero Club


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Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 4:53 PM
Subject: [musketeermail] engine upgrade

In prior months I wrote about my conversion form 150
HP to 160 HP using the Ly-Con STC. I had an
interesting conversation with a FSDO inspector, name
left blank to protect the innocent ha ha. This FSDO
inspectors office members during a discussion of my
field approval felt that the STC was all that was
necessary to do my conversion. They felt that my
engine was covered by the STC and the designation of
the engine did not change, still O-320E2C, so, I
didn't need the field approval for installation as it
was still covered by my Type certificate data sheet.
They thought that if the engine designator changed IE
from an 0-320 E2C to another model number then, I
would need the field approval. I asked and received
one anyway to avoid any future problems but- What do
you guys think?

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