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Thread: Hey PAC NW Members. Any takers on a Fly-In Lunch tomorrow on Memorial Day, 30May?

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    Hey PAC NW Members. Any takers on a Fly-In Lunch tomorrow on Memorial Day, 30May?


    Tomorrow's weather is shaping up to be real nice. Any takers on a paid BAC lunch for member and guest- tomorrow, Memorial Day? I'm in the Seattle area but "have plane, will travel". If anything, I love getting the Baby Beech up and stretching her legs.

    Some ideas include the McMinnville' (OR) Evergreen Air Museum or indoor waterpark, Spruce Goose Cafe in Port Townsend, WA, Roche Harbor or Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, or even Westport on the coast.

    I'm really open and would like to get an event in if there is interest.

    Cheers and safe travels,
    NW Dir

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    Looks like we have 3 Sundowners and 1 Sierra RSVP for Roche Harbor. Plan to land at 12PM, and park on the north grassy side of the field for good picture taking opportunities.

    This might just be fun!


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    We had 4 ships arrive Roche Harbor, WA today. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed the airshow.
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    Brings back fond memories! We've been there a few times. I've been there a few more with flying buddies. Always swore to spend a night at the Hotel de Haro, but never did. Roche Harbor was always a good place to spend a day just meandering about. Decent food at the restaurant too.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    Here's our flight line:

    And here's Brian's takeoff:

    Thanks for a very enjoyable lunch !!
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    Jack Becker
    Orcas Is., WA
    1978 Sundowner N836KT

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    Here ya go Marty,

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