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Thread: Midnight Sun Challenge 2016 Flight - In the History Books

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    Midnight Sun Challenge 2016 Flight - In the History Books

    Well folks, I just got back from my latest adventure, a Cross Canada Flight from Cold Lake Regional Airport (CEN5) in Alberta Canada to the far reaches of the Yukon Territory, Dawson City (CYDA) in Canada's far north. It was a great trip both ways with a number of weather challenges to overcome. CF-MEX performed flawlessly throughout the entire trip which I'm thankful for considering this area is the only area in Canada that has no secondary surveillance radar and relies completely on pilot position reports to enable Search and Rescue to find you in the Rockies should you not show up at your destination! I have attached some pictures to give you an idea of the trip. Next year our trip will be going to the Kooteneys and Okanogan areas of interior British Columbia; wine country...... This year unfortunately, I was the only baby beech on the trip, but there was a Bonanza in the pack of 68 aircraft that made the trip. As the Flight Director for this challenge it was great to follow all the aircraft as they converged from all corners of Canada, east and west, and the USA to assemble in Fort St John, British Columbia and then proceed north as the largest group of assembled general aviation aircraft to collectively perform a cross country flight in Canada this year. The group flew to Whitehorse and then on to Dawson City as the most northern point of the trip. Other fly-outs from Whitehorse included Carcross, YT and Haines Junction, YT. I will be providing a more descriptive account of this wonderful trip to our editors for the BACFire newsletter, so stay tuned!
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    Jeff Knight
    Beech Aero Club
    International Director
    B19 Sport 150
    Cold Lake, Alberta

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    Looking forward to reading about your adventure.
    Gary Mascelli
    ASEL - IA

    Flight Journal
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    "Life isn't about avoiding the bruises... It's about collecting the scars... To prove we showed up for it." Boy have I got the scars.

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    68 planes?, Wow!

    I recognise some of that scenery, and some of that wx!
    In picture #4, is that looking over Whithorse from the threshold of rwy 13? (BTW, that is a Great picture!)
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    Where I have landed a Beech

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    That is at the threshold end of 14R (mag var moves faster in the looking back over the city. Taken the day (night) of 21 June 2016 at 0020 hrs. I was able to take off, complete 6 circuits, land and log 0.8hrs legal Day VFR after Midnight. Hence the Midnight Sun Challenge!
    Jeff Knight
    Beech Aero Club
    International Director
    B19 Sport 150
    Cold Lake, Alberta

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