--- Dr Bill Heybruck <heybruck@bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Just returned from the K22 Fly-IN. Great time
> meeting Gerald, Digger, Brad, and the others.
> ...
> Gerald was heading up to Akron at 1330 local when I
> left and I hope he had a safe flight. Lots of red
> on the radar up that way.
> Dr Bill
> 76 Sundowner N9230S


No problems on the return. The ugly weather finger
stretching over Ohio from the west had its base at
10,500 feet and was moving very slowly. I climbed to
9500' to get a good view ahead and was able to take
the direct route to 15G with no need for diversions.
Only experienced about three minutes of very light
rain and flew into clear skies over northeast Ohio.

It was nice to finally meet some members of the
groups, after several failed attempts already this

GVJ - Sierra N18903

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