Hi folks,

Yesterday I flew from SQL ( San Carlos ) to FAT ( Fresno Air Terminal ).
It's the typical mission for my Sundowner. Serious sticker shock at FAT -
100LL was $5.40/gallon. That makes the trip cost $173 for fuel alone.
Not sure if I can afford that on a regular basis.

Of course, FAT is a pricy place to buy fuel - there's an airline
terminal there. But I think fuel is getting expensive all over.
the current price spike is Katrina - but I can only think that fuel will,
in general, be getting more expensive in coming years.

I just did an spreadsheet analysis on flying versus driving. If my
time is worth $50/hour and I save an hour each way - and subtract the
fuel costs for driving - then the net cost of flying versus driving is
about $25. If flying saves me a motel stay, then it's a net profit of

This was a real quickie analysis and would be easy to shoot full of
holes: what about maintenance costs? Engine fund? Oil? I'm willing
to forgive the maintenance costs because I do a lot of it myself (
value of my time? Not an issue, because I actually enjoy hanging out
at the airport and working on the airplane.

Time at the airport is a plus in the ledger of life.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it .

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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