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Thread: Reno 2016?

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    Reno 2016?

    Anyone care to join us in a BAC dinner this Sat evening in Reno? We can do 6:30PM at a location TBD. I have one taker so far.

    Please RSVP at the earliest convenience.

    Thanks, James
    NW Dir
    425-358-1610. Text OK.

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    It'll be the Olive Garden in Sparks, 6:30PM.
    Thanks, James

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    Dates of this event?

    Paul Werbin
    Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

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    Paul, thru today. Its disappointing to see the unlimited field disappearing. Strega, Rare Bear, and 232 are not be in the field. VooDoo is still in the front with Steve Hinton Jr but some of the legends are not racing this year.

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