Key in 'exceed TBO' in the search box on BAC (upper right corner). Read the post with the word TBO highlighted in several places. Let me know if that post (and the comment from Willis) doesn't give you what you need to make your choices on engine TBO time. Then you can do searches on IO346, and engine swap, to get what you need on those topics. There is a ton of info there.

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I also own an A-23 built in Dec 1964. I would say
that you got a fair price. I wouldn't run the engine
until I damaged the crank or the cam because new ones
are not avialable. A lot depends on the chronological
age of the overhaul, not just the hours of running. I
don't think that I would rely on any advice that came
over the internet from someone that has not evaluated
the engine personally. There are some of the best
experts on this forum but their advice will be more
meaningful if they have the opportunity to look at the
engine with a borescope and a few other tools. I am
an owner and not one of these experts so take my
advice for just what it has cost you.

Cheers, Willis, N8886M

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> Hello to all,
> I am a new club member. I am also the owner of a
> 1964 A-23. I just
> had an exhaust system put on. It was a complete
> system. The bill was
> 1300.00 . Was that a fair price or did I get hosed
> ? I have a IO-
> 346 engine. It is at TBO. How far over can you go.
> The compression
> on the cylinders are all in the 70's. Is there a
> change over for the
> engine from the continental to a different engine
> model ?

Thank You
Randy N8893M
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