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Thread: Portsmouth Ohio Lunch fly-in (2016) - When exactly?

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    Portsmouth Ohio Lunch fly-in (2016) - When exactly?

    Just wanted to confirm the exact day the BAC intelligentsia was going to host the BAC fly-in at Portsmouth Ohio (KPMH).

    Is it on 11/26 hopefully (wage slave over here...)? Or a Saturday in December?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Peter,

    The fly-in will be on Saturday, Nov. 26, provided the weather holds. It's always the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Santa arrives via airplane and all the kids get the opportunity to see him and see airplanes on the ramp. John Redmon will post the info soon. Nice meeting you in Indy last Sunday.


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    I have confirmed that Santa will be at the airport that day, Saturday, November 26. Santa will probably land at 11:00 according to Santa's helper at the restaurant.

    Joe Kirby
    Sierra N9299S

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    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa in Portsmouth..................

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