I'm trying to update the document on door handle identification and parts
applicability, for pre-1970 Models 19 and 23 (and all variants). I have
learned some more about the handles in the last couple of days. While I
already have some more pix to add to the document, there are a couple more I
really need.

What I am after is a few close-up photos of the front door handle inside
latch mechanism and handle, as well as a close-up of the latch cam at the
trailing edge of the door. The ideal would be to include a photo of the
latch assembly with it out of the plane. I would also like a close-up photo
of the primary striker plate in the door jamb.

Please note that, to be of value to me, these need to be pix of original
parts (regardless of condition), and not replacement Wag-Aero type parts.
Many thanks for any help you can give me on this. Now that I need pix, I
can't find an older airframe example nearby, to use for the subject.

MIke Rellihan, R&A Services

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