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Thread: After BACFest 2017 fly-in / stay-a-while in the Colorado mountains

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    After BACFest 2017 fly-in / stay-a-while in the Colorado mountains


    Once again (!) we will meet in the Colorado mountains for a few days after BACFest 2017. Our homes are located at 10,000 ft and a short drive from the 7500 ft runway at Salida, CO (KANK). Fall colors should be perfect, the coffee is hot, and this fly-in includes bragging rights of flying from the east shoreline to the great divide.

    More to follow, but plan to head west from New Bedford with one night "on the road". We'll work through the details, but those folks in the western USA might consider adding this fun stop. As before, you are welcome from one to several nights. We have lots of room with the three adjacent vacation homes.

    trumpet once-again-off-the-reservation Nelson
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    Nelson Amen
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    Trumpet's cabin is great! Although I had to drive in for a Salida fly-in, Dave flew in and out of KANK and it looks very do-able to me. Marty and others have attended this after BACFest treat and posted their thoughts on KANK, so don't let the altitude put you off. The valley is big, wide and even if you are loaded and have to circle out it is easy.

    Sitting on the back deck next to that river is pure wonder, not to mention the hospitality! If you are flying back west after BACFest this should be in your plans.
    Michael Dunlevie

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    Bumping up for the membership.

    We will also plan an early morning perfect weather round trip to Leadville as well as plan to use my 4x4 for the jeep trails.

    My first look at the trip west from BACfest 2017 on Foreflight pops up C65 (Plymouth, Indiana) at about 6 hrs flight time as a reasonable RON. Any feedback from our membership on this plan would be great! (first time flying Indiana for me)

    Here are the 3 homes we own for your stay - - -

    This will be the 3rd year of our after-BACfest Colorado trip for the membership. Hope to see you there! Enjoy the photos from after-BACfest 2015 ....
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    Nelson Amen
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    Since I am flying commercial to the east coast for BACfest, I am CANCELLING this fly-in / event at my Colorado cabin. And my Sundowner will stay home in the hangar.

    But .... plan for it next year!
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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