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Thread: 2nd Annual BAC fly out to Gastons White River Resort (3M0)

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    2nd Annual BAC fly out to Gastons White River Resort (3M0)

    I have been getting some requests for information on the upcoming Gastons Fly In. An overview of Gastons can be had by going on the internet to Remember the identifier is Three Mike Zero (3m0), so you don't confuse it with a place about 100 miles from there that has a very similar identifier.

    Gastons has a very nice grass strip that is to be used as 1 way in and 1 way out. All Landing are made from the East going West, and all Takeoffs are from the West travelling East.

    Gastons is Daylight VFR only. There are NO LIGHTS and when you see the nearby cliffs and hills, you too will appreciate that no one wants to be trying to find it in the dark.

    I have put the Gaston Photos back up under the photo gallery (Gastons Planning). They are the IN and OUT of Gastons. Also, under FILE DOWNLOADS, you can find my landing movie (Gastons Arrival - Jay) or something like that. It is a 2MB download.

    If I can get Tim to remove size restrictions for a couple of days, I have 3 departing videos that I want to upload to the site. They are high quality and you can really tell what is going on with them.

    We had a good turn out last year, and if they can, I would like everyone who flew in to Gastons last year to post a reply here and tell the group what they thought about it.


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    Just to let you know what a great place Gaston's is, my wife isn't the biggest of fans when it comes to flying in small planes. She made one of her rare trips with me last year to Gaston's and when I mentioned the event was happening again this year, she quickly said to count her in. The fact that we stopped for lunch at Sikeston, MO at Lambert's Restaurant may have something to do with it, too. Lambert's is home of "the throwed roll". Means just what it says. From across the dining room if your raise your hand, the guy pushing the homemade yeast roll cart will fire one right to your table. Usually with about 98% accuracy. As far as Gaston's, if your tires have never tasted grass, this is a great strip to land on. Hope to see you there.

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    Gastons Departure Videos

    Jay, if they are they ones I took last year, tim won't have to remove the limit. They can be downloaded at
    I am planning on coming down but don't believe the wife and daughter will make it this year. Brandy now has a horse and she has different priorities (go figure)

    Dave B

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    Gaston's is a fun place. The only downside is their cancellation policy. I think you have to cancel something like two weeks out or you lose your deposit or something. So WX can be a problem. But you could either wait until you're comfortable with WX to try for a reservations (some of us did that last year) or make a reservation in Mountain Home, which is nearby and you can cancel the day of.

    I'm hoping to make it again this year but it'll be the weekend after I move back home (working in NJ due to Katrina) so not sure if I can pull it off.


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    Orbiting Earth Left the Solar System
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    Just outside Nawlins
    Also if you do come at night you can land at Baxter County about five miles away and the nice people at Gaston's will come pick you up. In fact you can land at Baxter County during the daytime and they'll still come pick you up.

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    Gaston's - a great way to learn about soft field landings!

    Hi all -

    I wrote a story last time about my 1st trip to Gastons - but don't let THAT keep you away! (Tim insert link here)

    It's easy in and out - just not like McConnel AFB - 70 sq mi of flat -

    Just keep that speed at 80MPH and then slow down to 70-75 at the #s.

    The point is - I saw (and filmed) what happens when you 'drag it in w/ lots of power' and then cut it at the last minute - whump - bottom's up! (It was a T-41, NOT a Musketeer.)

    Well, no harm done to the Instructor and Student pilots, except for the baby seat I left in there coming over the seatback and smacking the IP (my boss) in the head.

    So, since that was the plane I had flown up there, I didn't bring it home, but I did several TOs and landings before the flip over. Piece of pie!

    Have a great visit!

    Bill Howard
    I like quality over quantity, as long as there's enough of it.

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    We have had a lot of interest in Gaston's this year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate like it did last year. Here is our list so far:

    Keith Greene (Ft Smith, AR)
    Rodney & Denise Boyd (Texas)
    Bo and Sandra Boggs (Texas)
    Kurt and Jessica Buchart (Texas)
    - Last Year Attendees planning to Return -
    Jay Bruce (me)
    Dave Buttram (Kansas)
    Brad Mitchell (Kentucky)
    David Snodgrass (Indiana)
    - And a big Maybe ?? -
    Cloyd VanHook - still dealing with the hurricane down LA way

    Let me know if I left you off of the list, I'll post more information whenever I have it
    Jay Bruce

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    Gastons 2

    I would sure love to go but am without a mouse.

    If anyone in the KC, KS area is going down, I'd love to hitch a ride.


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    I am hoping to convince the large and small self-loading baggage to go. I will have been married to the larger one for 38 years, as of November 4.

    "Gee, Honey, wouldn't this be a great place to spend our 38th Anniversary? They even take pets, and Skye would love it there! Or if you want a break, Kim would take care of him for a few days. OBTW, BAC is having a Fly-in on the 5th, so we'd get to wear our shirts and hats, and meet some of those great folks while we're at it."

    Think I'll make it to 39?

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    Wow Mike that'd be awesome if you could make it. But you should probably get the phone number from soon and call about room availability. Staying right at Gastons would be preferable to staying in town at Moutain Home... Are you thinking about Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday?

    I know a couple of the Texas planes are planning on coming as a day trip, I'm not sure if the others are planning on over nite yet or not.

    I think that I read where Brad Mitchell was planning on Friday and Saturday (Brad did I get that right, or was it Saturday and Sunday?)

    Ray, we'd love to have you make it again. Maybe you and Dave can work it out, last I heard, he was going to have extra seats this year.

    I am waiting to see what everyone else is doing about Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday before I decide. If I do Friday it will be getting dark so I'll end up at Mountain Home and then come on up to Gastons Saturday. So it looks like Sat/Sun probably works best for me...

    Now we just have to hope for severe clear weather

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