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Thread: SOUTH CENTRAL FLY-IN! April 28th, Texas/Oklahoma border, 3T0 - - Fly 'n Sail

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    SOUTH CENTRAL FLY-IN! April 28th, Texas/Oklahoma border, 3T0 - - Fly 'n Sail

    Come one - - come all!! OUR VERY FIRST ANNUAL FLY-AND-SAIL EVENT

    Location - Cedar Mills marina on Lake Texoma. Airport 3T0 A 3,000 ft grass runway awaits your arrival. Read up on the specifics here: The campground and hot showers are withing walking distance of the airport. Ditto the beach where we park the boats. Restaurant is about a mile walk, but it is on a park road and simple.

    Date - the weekend of April 28th (a Friday) with a mid-day sail on Saturday (29th) the main event (about 10:30 am to 3:30 pm) with a BBQ onboard the boat/raft up.

    Schedule - - your smiling host (trumpet nelson) will have the boat (can handle 8 persons) in the water on Thursday after a drive up from San Antonio. The schedule is very flexible for the weather, but an outline is:
    - Thursday - - boats depart about noon and overnight on the lake in the boat. I can accommodate a few onboard overnight if brave souls wish to join in. Return to campground beach mid-morning Friday.
    - Friday - - lake sailing, with hopes for a great sunset cruise/ moonlight cruise. Friday night supper is our usual trip to Oklahoma about 5:30 pm (Kingston, OK fish fry). Campground overnight (lots of space for your tent, and hot showers).
    - Saturday - - day sailing with lunch raft-up. Pot luck supper that evening at the campground.
    - Sunday - - morning sailing, then we start pulling the boats out of the water about 2:00 pm.
    - Thursday through Sunday - - windsurfing lessons since I will have my rig with me. It will be the very-stable "beginner's board" for anyone wishing to have some fun. The beach is a perfect place to learn.

    Specifics - - this group of trailer-sailors meets twice per year. Typically we have 10 to 15 boats attend, so there is always plenty of room onboard for visiting pilots during the sails. We'll get several adjoining campsites for the group, as well as the nice meeting hall for the pot-luck on Saturday. Also, plenty of vehicles for a ride if needed since we are all towing our boats. Join in for a few hours, or a few days!
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    More photos of the Lake Texoma sailing group to get you motivated for in April - - -
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Thanks Trumpet I have this on my agenda.
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    There are cabins and cottages for rent, some along the runway. There is a another group that has reserved the cottages for a flyin. I am first on the list if they cancel. (No one has confirmed from the other club) (903) 523-4222

    Is the web site if you want to look it up. It looks like a nice place to stay.
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    Nelson, I have a grand daughter getting confirmed that weekend or Linda and I would love to come. Thanks for hosting a fantastic fly-in!
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    Ok i just got a call from the resort, all 4 cabins along the runway just opened up for the weekend of the flyin. (There are 3 left) 166$ a night. The cabins come with a kitchen and a fireplace.
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    Or .... pack a tent/sleeping bag and join us in the campground for free!
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Ding - ding - ding ONLY 25 DAYS TO GO !!!

    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    This fly-in is 12 days away - - let's hope for some great weather!

    Some more details for you:

    - I will recon the grass runway on Thursday afternoon when I arrive and be available by phone (210-834-1991). If I can locate an internet connection, I will post the results here as well
    - bring your own tie-downs for safety
    - I will have accommodations for two to overnight in my RV (Friday or Saturday nights), since I will be staying onboard the boat (TOOTSIE TOO) at the camping beach. Save money, have fun, but you need to let me know..... The campground is a short walk from the runway.
    - lunch is available onboard my boat for all attendees for Friday or Saturday, but again ... I need to know if you are coming.

    Again (as usual) - - all weather dependent. Bring a swim suit if you want to try the windsurfing lessons.
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Trumpet i am still planning on coming the forecast changes so much that i cannot get a read on it. It will make flight planning a challenge.
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