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Thread: BEST Idea I have had this year...

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    BEST Idea I have had this year...


    Is this possible? An Innodyne 165HP or 180HP turbine on a Beech Musketeer, Sport

    150 or Sundowner airframe, or 200HP for the Musketeer Super model and the Sierra


    The power upgrades for the Beech AeroCenter aircraft are non-existant, but there

    are several thousand very loyal owners of Musketeer, Sport, Sierra and Sundowner


    These owners soldier on maintaining and upgrading their aircraft, which we all

    believe to be the best-built 4 place aircraft ever made.

    Many members of early Musketeers have Continental O-346 engines that are becoming

    very hard to find parts, especially crankshafts and cases.

    Others, like myself, have an airframe rated for up to 200HP and 2,700# GW, but

    performance limited by the O-320-E3D 150HP engine and inefficient fixed-pitch

    propeller, and have difficulty taking off and climbing even at a limited maximum

    of 2,150#.

    As I stated, ther are no STCs for power upgrades for our model aircraft.

    I understand that this type of upgrade would place my aircraft in an Experimental

    Class. But as I, and most of my flying Musketeer Owner friends, would be very

    unlikely to sell our aircraft in the future, IF we had sufficient power from a

    dependable inexpensive to maintain engine burning available fuels. The

    Experimental designation might not be a detraction at all! AND everyone with an

    piston-powered aircraft is aware of the very limited future for 100LL fuel!

    So, if you could discuss this project with your associates, the over 500 members

    of the Beech Aero Club ( and 2,500 registered owners of

    Aerocenter Aircraft would be very interested in your conclusions.

    Congratulations on your new association with Innodyne. This partnership could

    represent the future for those of us who own 'Orphaned' aircraft with obsolete

    (and certainly old technology) engines, but would never think of selling them!


    Bill Howard


    N1927W 1973 Sport 150

    Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director


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    BEST Idea I have had this year...

    Bob Steward wrote:

    It can be bolted on to anything from an airboat to a barn door. So yes, someone

    with a spare $30,000 burning a hole in their pocket could buy the engine and

    start mocking up the engine mount and cowl. Then there is the prop, another $7-10K.


    Bob - bob - bob - bob!

    This is a perfect job for Firewall Forward, Inc.

    $4 gallon JP-4 is better than NO 100LL, right! I already put $175 in my

    Skylane once!

    Also, an IO-346 with no crank would make an owner pretty cranky, right?

    Innodyne sez 9 gph per 100 hp. Not much different, and if I could cruse in the

    Green arc instead of the White?? What's the Yellow arc for? And that Red line?

    And they are talking 5,000 hr tbo w/ an overhaul for $8,000 (ONE moving part, and

    a (1) spark plug. Gotta be able to buy lots of fuel with that!

    Cruizing too fast? I tried full power straight down (actually, 30 degrees w/ idle

    power) and got 120Kts!

    Its only 165 HP! NOT like the 750HP Walther Turbine upgrade on all the Lancair

    IVs I watched them building by the 5s down in Redmond!

    Stability? The tail on my Sport is already rated for 200HP, and the spin parts

    might be plenty fun to have anyway - how about the skeg on the Lear 45! Add a

    couple VHF Blade antennas down there, that ought to do it!? With an ORCA paint

    job, it'd be AWSUM!

    Speaking of 'fish' paint jobs, I hear there's a new 'Salmon-painted' Alaska Air

    Regional, and at the 'unveiling' it was taxiing along with TWO of the SWA Orcas

    following it! That must have had the folks at Alaska howling!

    I took the 'move the CG back' as a positive, and the pointy cowl? The Bonanza

    folks are NUTS over this upgrade! TWO OF THEM came to BeechDay! The RV demo

    looks like a JET!

    So, rather than fly our Starships to the graveyard and watch Beech chop them up

    cuz there's no more 100LL or IO-365s, it might be time to 'see the future' and

    HEAR the future - that 10,000 rpm growl!

    Now that makes me say "YEEHAAW!"

    Bill Howard


    N1927W 1973 Sport 150

    Beech Aero Club NorthWest Region Director

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