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Thread: Paola fly-in

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    Paola fly-in

    Sitting here in Texas flight planning my trip home, realized I need to start talking about the May 13th fly-in to Paola. We had 11 peeps last year can we do better this year? Nice BBQ and normally cheap fuel. Let's get a head count going, who's in.
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    Steve, Kathryn and I are in.

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    Denis Weiser

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    Paola, Iowa?
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    I'd like to fly down for lunch - can't stay for the races though.

    Would be great to see everyone!

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    K81 Miami County Airport Kansas. We B smokin is the BBQ place on the ramp. They like to feed you well so come hungry or take a box home
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    This is the 4th annual Paola fly-in. The location is convenient as it is not far southwest of Kansas City outside of the class B. Park on the ramp and walk just yards to the restaurant. Plan to arrive by 11:00 a.m. Last year we went in a little before noon to get ahead of a large group coming in at noon. This is a popular place for pilots as planes land frequently while we are eating and they come in to dine. Airnav lists their current fuel price as $3.87. So good food, good friends, cheap fuel....what more could you ask for?
    Here is a picture of those attending last year's Paola fly-in.
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    We were a fairly large crew sitting at that table, I am 6'3" and was only average height.
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    I'm 6'2" and I think there are about 6 heads taller than me. Not used to feeling like I am in the forest. By the way, there is a weather system coming through the Midwest Wednesday and Thursday which I am betting will clear out for the weekend. This is the 4th Paola fly-in and I hope we can fly to it for the first time. Looks encouraging.
    Mike Nielsen
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    I am 5' 11" and look like a midget

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    Denis Weiser

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    Denis, That's because you were unfortunate enough to stand just in front of the tallest guy there. Maybe the next time we take a picture we can find some steps for us shorter guys to stand on. However, Lee is in England and won't be able to attend this year so I think our group will be more "normal" whatever that is.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
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