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    Msel 71-07

    Any one know what the Mandatory Service Letter 71-07 is all about? The previous owner of my bird emailed me saying that the Beech folks sent him a copy of it... He didn't tell me what it entailed. Anyone know what pertains to a Musketeer in it?

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    It is the SB for the Lycoming connecting rod and piston pins inspection. It is for engines overhauled between the listed time periods on the SB.

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    There is another thread on the subject:
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    If you still have a sport, few O-320s are affected.

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    I see lots of O-320's. Luckily for me, I don't see O-320-D2B listed.
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    Sorry I should have been clearer: No O-320s on the list with musketeer suffix. Model 23, all sports, all buy one O-360 by SN and suffix.

    From the other SB632B post:

    So far, no musketeer series engines by model suffix/serial except one O-360A4K. If you do not have that single O-360A4K in your mouse and if you had no engine work that entailed replacing connecting rods with Lycoming rods between Nov 2015 and Feb 2017 you are NA for the AD. I think my prediction of zero mouses is holding up. This should be a one time AD, listed in your logs as NA by SN and/or NA by rod in service date.


    Rap McBurney

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