>Deisels being developed for GA SEEM t be able to drink anything because of
>some press releases that show the engines can use both Jet A and Auto
>Deisel, this can be misleading to think other fuels can be used. DO NOT
>FOOL YOURSELF,. Jet A and deisel both are plannned for use because they
>are very close to the same thing. Read the ASTM , and SAE specs.
>Gasoline , alcohol etc, will destroy a Deisel engine.

Lets not get off into never-never land. There is not one certified diesel
that has ever been installed or even promised as a goal of installing it in
a Beech Musketeer or derivatives.

This is the Musketeer List. There are Diesel Aircraft lists, so take the
Diesel chatter elsewhere if its not about YOUR pending installation of one
in a Musketeer.

Ditto the topic of Bio-diesel and alternate fuels. Not Musketeer related
until there are Musketeers flying with Diesels, and there is a shortage of
approved fuels.

And I think its time to move on from the Innodyne turbine thread,
too. After they install a turbine in a certified plane and have an STC,
THEN we can revisit the possibility that someone might put one in a
Musketeer. Until then, visit alt.rec.aviation and discuss engines that
can't be put in our planes.

Moderator Musketeer Mail
Bob Steward
Birmingham, AL

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