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Thread: San Antonio Texas area Fly-ins in October

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    San Antonio Texas area Fly-ins in October

    For your consideration, and perhaps destinations...Two local South Central Texas airports will have annual fly-ins in October.

    First, on Oct 14th Zuehl airport (1TE4) will have a fly-in and drive-in (for vehicles). Always fun and when weather is good well attended. Here is a page for info. Just east of Randolph AFB and just south of IH-10 if you drive.

    Then on Oct 28, Elm Creek Airpark (0TX6) just southwest of Seguin TX has their annual fly-in which is always fun and well attended. They are returning to having a BBQ this year for lunch which is a nod to a few years ago. Recall they had switched to Spaghetti in recent years (in Texas??!!). Here is their info page.

    Both are uncontrolled grass strips so eyes and ears open. Elm Creek a bit shorter but in good condition. Tighter on approach with wires and trees, but nothing dangerous. Zuehl wide open. Neither has fuel. New Braunfels and Stinson do though in case you need it. Should be fun, so consider checking them out.

    And also, though it is a drive not flight, Lackland-Kelly Field in San Antonio will have a big open house with the Thunderbirds among other acts on Nov 4th and 5th. Here is their info.

    Charlie Baumann
    1974 Sport 150
    N6578R, MB-729
    Zuehl Field, near San Antonio Texas

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    Great, I am ready! Hopefully the weather would be ok. Hopefully our BAC area for Texas would have a fly in before the end of the year!


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