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Thread: I saw 4 Supers in one day - does that count as a BAC fly-in?

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    Smile I saw 4 Supers in one day - does that count as a BAC fly-in?

    I flew Tom Bragg to DBQ in the Hangarmouse (Super #1). We landed and went to Blue Skies to pick up his Super (#2) which was coming out of Annual. We were surprised to see Jim Weiser's Super (#3) in for annual as well. After that, I flew back to CID and got a call from Kyle Setrum. His Super (#4) wouldn't start so I went over to C17 to help him with a minor electrical issue which is now fixed.

    So, out of ~363 Supers built, 4 of them are still flying around northeast Iowa!

    It was fun to be able to help other BAC members and see us taking care of these wonderful old airplanes.
    Dave Gribble
    Marion IA
    Flying the Restored Hangarmouse (Super III N3698Q)
    Building RV-9A N149DG

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    Way cool Dave! Nice work!
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    Thanks Dave for troubleshooting the issue and averting another $500 bill like I got charged to replace a circuit breaker. I’m still bitter about that one.

    Dave is a big reason why I decided not to sell the Super, he routinely shows how an owner can offset big maintenance costs by getting involved and learning your plane.
    Kyle Setrum
    Super III

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