David, sorry I didn't get to this in time to help out.

To all- Have you obtained your toolbox hardware quick-reference book yet,
from Genuine Aircraft Hardware? Free with any hardware order, though they
do have a minimum order. This book will tell you at least 90% of anything
you need to know about aircraft hardware. Page 98 shows the reference for
MS35769 crush gaskets; the MS35769 specification supersedes the old AN900
specification. The reference includes the cross-reference from the AN900
number to the new MS35769 number. All you need to know, to select a gasket
size, is the inner diameter of the gasket. You can measure the ID of the
old one, or you can measure the OD of the part it is being used on (like a
plug or screen holder).

If you don't need to place a minimum order with GAH, Aircraft Spruce still
lists the gaskets under their AN900 number, and shows the ID so you can
select the correct one. Note that the dash numbers are not the same, for a
given size. For example, an AN900-16 crosses to an MS35769-21.


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I found it. Part # is AN900-16.

--- In musketeermail@yahoogroups.com, "dlevy52" <dlevy52@y...> wrote:
> I need some crush gaskets for the low pressure screen on my Lycoming
> O-320-E2C. I've made the mistake of looking up the part number and
> ending up with the wrong one.
> I'd like to order about 20 from somewhere like Aircraft Spruce. Does
> anyone know if part # 35769-9 is the correct (small) crush gasket for
> the O-320?
> I already searched BAC and I don't know where to post the question (at
> BAC).
> Thanks.


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