HI Shelby
My experience is with Cessna 310 and Lake Amphibian Renegade. The vg's on the 310 made landings much smoother. They also lowered the VMC and the stall. A side benefit was a 180 lb increase in gross weight. On the Lake they reduce the takeoff on water by almost half. I am planning on ordering a set for my Sundowner after the first of the year. I also plan on ordering a set of donuts from our new supplier. I just finished replacing all the bushings for the gear knuckles on the Sundowner. All 10 of them. Beech wanted $600 or so for each of them. I bought them for $2 each and remachined them to fit the pins. How can Beech justify such a high price for such a simple part. They also didn't have any in stock.

John Amundsen
Winter Haven
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