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Thread: Vortex Generators

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    Vortex Generators


    What effect do you think there is on your glide ratio? Maybe we can
    negotiate a BAC group price.

    I really like the reduction in stall speed.


    Tell me a little more about the bushings you remachined and how that
    On Sunday, October 23, 2005, at 09:18 PM, wrote:

    > HI Shelby
    > My experience is with Cessna 310 and Lake Amphibian Renegade. The vg's
    > on the 310 made landings much smoother. They also lowered the VMC and
    > the stall. A side benefit was a 180 lb increase in gross weight. On
    > the Lake they reduce the takeoff on water by almost half. I am
    > planning on ordering a set for my Sundowner after the first of the
    > year. I also plan on ordering a set of donuts from our new supplier. I
    > just finished replacing all the bushings for the gear knuckles on the
    > Sundowner. All 10 of them. Beech wanted $600 or so for each of them.
    > I bought them for $2 each and remachined them to fit the pins. How can
    > Beech justify such a high price for such a simple part. They also
    > didn't have any in stock.
    > John Amundsen
    > C-23

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    Do some searching. I think we already are getting a BAC discount. I think it's $100.


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