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Thread: Sundowner nose gear

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    Sundowner nose gear

    Hi all, I am Paul. I own Big River Aviation in Saint Louis. I am working on a customers Sundowner. I noticed the main gear had up and down play when on jacks. This is normal from what I can tell, But the nose gear would not move at all. It appeared as if the knee joint was frozen. I bounced the aircraft, I raised the aircraft and got no movement at the drag-link. Thoughts?

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    Welcome to BAC Paul - great to see A&Ps joining to help with customers' aicraft.

    Experts will answer soon (Unclerap) - but I bet the gear is indeed frozen. There is a bunch of stuff in the archives about this. Has to do with using clay-based grease which dries out in there and turns to clay.
    Dave Gribble
    Marion IA
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    Sorry for the delay, I'm dealing with Mom in hospital in La.

    I spoke with Paul, all is well. Nice to have a fellow A&P on the forums. What he described is a tight NLG and normal worn but serviceable MLG donuts.

    EDIT: Dave has a point, the NLG knee pin might be frozen in the bushings. Usually that means the bushings will turn in the housing, or break out. If the NLG knee pin won't take grease, Dave is probably correct.

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    Rap McBurney

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    Paul I am at ALN as well. My Sierra is in pieces but close to going BAC together. I will give you a shout when I am out there next. I will be happy to give BAC by showing you the big culprits and the gotchas on these aircraft.
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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    One of my aircraft had frozen gear pins. I removed the landing gear and positioned the landing gear front down in disposable baking pans filled with very light weight oil. So the landing gear knee pins were submerged and soaking for a few days. They were then able to be disassembled without unnecessary stress or damage.

    LPS 2, WD-40 and other light oils are available in gallon jugs. Patience is a very important quality in aircraft maintenance. Don’t rush anything. It’s never worth it.
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    This is a good reminder to "exercise" your knee pins at least once a year. Before having fun with squirting grease in those 12 places on the pins, I carefully (!) tap (small hammer and wood block) the pins back-and-forth (right and left). You will find you can get about 1/16 inch movement as the small retaining pin goes to each side of its little hole. Enough to feel with you finger tips, but almost not visible.

    Of course, weight completely off the gear. And also ..... I hit that tiny retainer pin with a squirt of Corrosion X at every opportunity and wiggle it with my fingers. Preventative Maintenance is a good thing for these older airframes.
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    So that's what a landing gear should look like...

    And thanks for the reminder, Nelson. I've been known to forget that retainer pin.
    Gary Embrey
    Vero Beach FL
    1974 Sundowner N21KM

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    If you want to replicate wdnd process in place, use PB Blaster, squirt liberally everywhere you can access the pins. Leave at least over night.

    Rap McBurney

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    Grease type and Grease Fitting for Flush "hinge pins"

    After reading a few threads re lubrication of the landing gear "hinge pins", I gather that Aeroshell 33 grease is a good choice.

    I say good, as apparently AS 33 is a newer formulation grease and is not clay based. As such, it is pretty much a one size fits all grease for our Musketeers - well maybe not the wheel bearings.

    Regarding how much grease, do I just pump until I see grease oozing out of somewhere and when the grease looks clean and new, one stops and then wipes off the excess?

    My 19A has those flush grease points that are just a small round depressed hole in the centre of the pins.

    I gather that if I purchase a "flush zerk" grease gun adapter similar to the jpg below, that is what is required to get grease into the pins. The part number of below is LubriMatic / Plews 05-045 or NAPA 715-1215

    LubriMatic Plews 05-045 Needle Nose Dispenser.jpg
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    Yes, clean grease, then wipe off the excess. Note, that for the landing gear you must have the weight off the wheels.

    That is the fitting I have been using for years.
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