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Thread: BACFest Louisville Hotel Reservation Reminder

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    BACFest Louisville Hotel Reservation Reminder

    As of August 6 we are five weeks out from the first arrivals for BACFest 2018. If you are planning to attend, now is the time to book your hotel reservation to guarantee a spot in the headquarters hotel, The Galt House, on the riverfront in downtown Louisville. Another large group will be in the hotel during the same week and the hotel will likely sell out during our stay. Don't get shut out by waiting. It's better to book a room now and cancel later if your plans change. Credit cards are required to book, but nothing is charged until you check in. Our contracted room rate is $139, but if The Galt House fills, the nearest hotel a couple of blocks away is a Marriott Courtyard with a current rate of $224. Here's the direct link to book a room at The Galt House:

    The following have already reserved a room:

    Amen, Becker, Booton, Bragg, Corcoran, Cote, Culleton, Dunlevie, Gooderum, Harper, Johnson, Kirby, Knight, Koch, Koening, Koski, Lindauer, Manson, Matz, Mitchell, Muse, Neild, Nielsen, Persinger, Poitras, Prange, Redmon, Schmidt, Singleton, Sniffen, Stevens, Trzynka, Weiser, White.

    If you have any questions, reply to this Forum or email me at Looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

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    BACFest Hotel Notice: The Galt House will take room reservations at the BAC guaranteed rate of $139 through August 13th. Beginning August 14th, the rate will only be offered if availability remains at the hotel. Since another group will be holding a meeting at the same time as ours, I recommend making your reservation ASAP. Credit cards will not be charged until check-in.

    To book online:

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    See the above reminders regarding hotel rooms for BACFest......................

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    See ya soon !!
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
    N6703P-Sierra C24R
    Flowery Branch, Ga
    KLZU Home Base

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    Is there an attendee list?
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    OK, I'll be the idiot that asks the do I pay my BACFest fee to the BAC? Thanks.
    Jeff Knight
    Executive Vice President
    Beech Aero Club
    B19 Sport 150
    Cold Lake, Alberta

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    Jeff and all who need the links:

    Here's the link:

    It was in this thread:

    Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Michael Dunlevie

    N9185S has taken me, so far...

    It has ever been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. Abraham Lincoln

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    Done! Thanks Michael.
    Jeff Knight
    Executive Vice President
    Beech Aero Club
    B19 Sport 150
    Cold Lake, Alberta

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