Hi Rick,
We had a very similar situation a number of years ago. Changed oil, did an
engine run up and blew the oil cooler. Only thing I can think of is that
going from a no pressure situation to max pressure in a burst puts extra
strain on the oil cooler.

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Hi everyone,

I lost my oil cooler this evening and here's what happened. Please feel
free to analyze the scenario and give me opinions. Obviously, I'm concerned

about possible engine damage.

I planned to change oil this evening with a friend so I went to the plane
and flew it around the pattern four times to warm things up first... saw
my buddy arrive down below so did a full stop and taxied to the hangar.

Removed the cowling (disconnected appropriate skeet), drained oil by the
quick drain. Closed drain. Spun off old filter. Spun on new filter
(greased the gasket). Safety wired it. Added 7 qts new oil. Pulled it out
of the hangar for ops check. Primed it. Set full mixture. Starter cranked a

little longer than usual. I didn't like cranking that long so I let off the

key. At the exact time I let off the key, the engine caught and it was
trying to keep running so I worked the throttle to get it going better. I
looked at the oil pressure and it was nil for about 3-4 few seconds then
came up.

Then I heard a splat, saw oil all over the windshield and immediately pulled

mixture off, throttle off, and key off.

It appears the oil cooler split at a fin seam (the seams are crimped over
and it just blew open there and separated the seam).

I lost about 2 qts when she blew. There's still four on the dipstick and
some surely in the filter.

So, first, I'm thankful it happened on the ground!! Second, the engine
didn't run long at all after it blew so I'm guessing no engine damage (hope,

hope!). Third, it's odd that this happened after just having changed the
oil. I worry I did something wrong but as I described it above, I can't
see where we caused anything (hope, hope!). Any ideas?

All opinions welcomed...
and advice on where to get a new cooler and roughly how much am I looking at

(part and install)

Thanks all,

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