Al, you need to know which model selector valve you have. If it is the old
brass Imperial cone-style valve, you should convert to the later Gerdes
aluminum valve. The Gerdes valve went into production use sometime during
1973; all the earlier planes were built with the Imperial valve.

Service Instruction SI0364-289 on the Imperial valve requires 100-hour
inspections/Annual inspections for leakage and binding. The SI also spells
out how to service the valve. These valves take a lot of service to remain
airworthy. They can be reasonably safe if the pilot understands the valve
and can recognize potential failures. When pilots ignore symptoms like
binding, they may find themselves airborne looking at the selector handle in
their hand, when it snaps off the shaft. If they are really lucky, the
valve won't be between ports, and will still be on a tank with some fuel
left in it, when the shaft breaks. If you are lucky (no internal valve
damage), your A&P can use the SI (downloadable from BAC) to service your

In 1977, Beech issued another Service Instruction, SI0838-289 on this,
strongly recommending replacement of the Imperial valve with the Gerdes
valve. Since the FAA didn't mandate it, some owners chose to ignore it.
Beech sold the kit for $20, and estimated five hours for conversion labor.
Now it is very expensive to convert, compared to the $100 or so when the SI
was issued.

If you do already have the Gerdes aluminum valve, I sell a kit on BAC to
repair the valve (new o-rings and lubricant). The instructions are
downloadable from BAC. Or you can mail it to me for repair.

If your plane needs conversion, you'll need to find a serviceable Gerdes
valve. I may have a repaired valve in stock, but it will probably be
Wednesday before I'll know. Any A&P should be able to do the conversion;
just minor work with tubing and fittings. As mentioned, the Beech time
estimate was five hours. Since your A &P will have to do some minor tube
fabrication (not having the kit), it could take a bit longer.

I highly recommend to all owners that you take the time to read through all
the service documents available on BAC.

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Has anyone experienced the failure of your fuel selector valve?
During an annual inspection I as informed that my valve had failed the test.
The test included:
1. Turning the valve to the OFF position to see if it shuts down the
engine. Mine failed.
2. Turning the valve with greater than 5 lbs torque. Mine required 10
Now, for the bad news. Find a replacement. Beech want $4,885 for a
new one. Other parts supply houses range from $2,220 to $3,600.
Any one know where I can find a serviceable fuel selector>

Al Schmid N7631R 1969 BE 23


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