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Thread: Beech to the Beach: Ocean City, MD (KOXB)

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    Beech to the Beach: Ocean City, MD (KOXB)

    Join us at Ocean City, MD (KOXB)Saturday, March 9 for food and fun. We will fly in and meet at 11:00am. We will then shuttle over to Harborside Bar & Grill for lunch. Remember, you're in MD at the beach. That means crab & seafood!

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    Sounds fun!! I hope to see a good turn out. It will be fun to catch up with BAC family and break bread.
    Gary Mascelli
    N453TC - 1976 Commander 112A

    Flight Journal
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    I'll put it on the calendar.
    Les Gawlik

    N6008L M-2087
    Martin State Airport (KMTN), Baltimore, Maryland

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    Have fun! I wish we were closer. For me I'll wave as I fly by - I'll be LHR to DFW at that time on the 9th - but I'll be closer than Austin !

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    I have the mid-Atlantic banner that I can hand off to you. If Paul makes the hop north I'll pass it to him instead.
    Gary Mascelli
    N453TC - 1976 Commander 112A

    Flight Journal
    My YouTube

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    Sounds Good

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    Weather's looking good for Saturday. Who's in? So far I've got Gary, Les, myself and maybe Persinger.

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    Weather permitting, I’d like to come.

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    Weather permitting...I'm gonna try and get there.

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    Calling for freezing rain in the afternoon for my area so it's not looking good for me. What about everyone else? Should we wait it out and see or go ahead and reschedule this?

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