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Thread: BAC Fest 2019 confusion.....

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    BAC Fest 2019 confusion.....

    Color me confused! Is it in Golden? Arvada? Can someone clarify what is happening?

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    There has been a Hotel change as per the last email from this evening . I believe nothing else has changed . . Here is the email link with the new hotel contact . Rick will be supplying more details . Sorry for the confusion and thank you to Rick for sorting it out.

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    Orbiting Earth Heading to Pluto FASTFRED's Avatar
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    No confusion
    Rick got all who booked old hotel refunds/cancellations and notified all of us
    Then arranged for new hotel
    Seems Rick is on top of everything!!!
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
    N6703P-Sierra C24R
    Flowery Branch, Ga
    KLZU Home Base

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    Rebooked hotel and flight out on American is locked in.
    Gary Mascelli
    N453TC - 1976 Commander 112A

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    WOW - - Rick is amazing !! Way to go dude!
    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Going to try and make it this time.......Rooms booked!
    Going to keep my wife on a short leash for this one. Last time we made plans for the one in San Antonio she was hit by a car and broke her leg.
    Just say'n

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