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Thread: St Patrick's Day at TRUMPET NELSON'S - - BBQ LUNCH !!

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    St Patrick's Day at TRUMPET NELSON'S - - BBQ LUNCH !!

    March 17th - Sunday
    Nelson's airport in San Antonio (west side - - - 8T8 )
    Fire in the grill - 10:30 am - look for smoke!
    Serving - 11:30 to 2:00 pm

    Fly in (3000 ft pavement) and enjoy some Texas hospitality at Nelson's hangar. Located about 4 hangars from the south end of the runway and big & blue. Taxi on up and see my Sundowner in pieces (more black duct coming out - geesh) since I still have it open (annual inspection fun). Wooo hooo !!

    Temperature forecast is mid-60's and partly cloudy. Let's not wait until August!
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    must be file photos

    I am jealous - below is what my hanger look like today - plowed the snow yesterday, again!

    Yes, it is also a file photo, but snow is snow - the grass sure looks inviting in your photos.

    Sorry to say that I will not be there for lunch.

    H8 Exterior East Door with snow plowed and JD.jpg
    1969 Musketeer 19A
    O-320-D2B 160hp
    MB-450 C-GYGP
    Edmonton/Josephburg CFB6
    Alberta Canada

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    Nelson - wish I could make it but I'll be out of town. Sorry but hope it tastes great!
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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    Living along the gulf coast in winter is not the best for flying, not for ice or snow but due to fog 😂.

    The last 3-4 weeks in the morning has been 200 ft ceilings and does not lift up till the afternoon...If the weather improves on Saturday , My wife and I are planing to attend...

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    We are game if we can get in. I'm current and comfortable so we can do an approach into Castroville or Boerne if needed - just need legal and safe VFR under the deck to get over to 8T8.


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    I have to decline this time: I am doing an annual this weekend


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    Candy may have a conflict but I'll make it either way if we're on. The forecast is good through tomorrow now other than a bit cool - ceilings throughout Central and South Texas are forecast at 10k MSL+ through tomorrow with no rain or fog in the forecast during the day even on the coast.

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    Mark - - hope to see you taxi up to my hangar - - look for smoke! (and the Texas tent, of course)

    SIDE NOTE - - - Can you bring along (if appropriate) the aluminum tail spar that I got from Denis at BACfest?? I almost forgot I burdened you all with the return-it-to-Texas freight responsibilities last year (!)
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    I will bring the spar...sitting in the truck already so I don’t miss it.

    States Flown To/From/In (but not including over)

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    A great day to fly. Mark landed right before serving time (of course!) and 3 of my airport neighbors joined us as well. Yes .... we enjoyed the green grass and the cooler temps. We'll be getting into summer temperatures soon. Last two photos are Mark's departure.

    I will plan another fly-in for the South Central team after I get my plane back together and off the jacks. I hope others will be able to join in. Be safe.
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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