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Thread: BACFest 2019 - Colorado

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    Thanks everyone - i'll be sure to pass the information on.

    Mark, I do the cooking at our house. Is the eight day comment reference to you being on walkabout with Mick?
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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    The ability to cook is Domestic Insurance. Real handy to have when you need it!
    The eight days is just a notation, your tolerance may differ. I don’t eat every day anyway.
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    Hi Jay - Attire for the BACFest Banquet is pretty much up to the individual. The Fort restaurant is not formal by any means... I think anything from jeans to nice slacks and at least a collared shirt. For the ladies, my wife tells me that jeans, slacks or capris would be fine.

    Let's be comfortable and have fun!!
    -Rick Koch
    BAC Art Director
    C23 Sundowner

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    For anyone lucky enough to be flying into BAC Fest in BAC style, here's a sight picture/video of the approach to KBJC. Grumman Tiger is similar, sort of and the approach shows how far from the mountains and how much room this approach has. If you're coming in BAC style, video your approach for us!
    Michael Dunlevie

    N9185S has taken me, so far...

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    For those of you who have signed up for the BACFest Mountain Flying Seminar, we now have an official event listing on the website!

    Each pilot who indicated they will be attending the Seminar on Thursday morning (starting at 7:30 AM) will need to go to website and either login to your existing account, or if you don’t have an account (or can’t remember your login), you can quickly set up a new account at the login form near the top, right of the web page.

    Once you are logged in, you will likely see the listing under “Upcoming Seminars”, near the top of the page, “High Flying? Come to the Mountains.”

    If you don’t see it there, do a search for EA2194915 in the search bar at the top of the page.

    When you get to the Seminar’s event page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, just below the event description, and click the “Register” button.

    You should receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter – and then you’re all set!

    Just a reminder… the seminar needs to start promptly at 7:30. It’s about a 25 minute drive to the airport, so we will be meeting in the hotel lobby at 6:45AM, Thursday morning. If you miss the group leaving by 7AM, you will need to Uber (or something) up to the airport. Call me if you have to do that, and I’ll give you directions to the Hangar.

    So, get registered and get ready to have some fun! See you soon.
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    -Rick Koch
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    The start time for our Mountain Flying Seminar on Thursday morning is 7:30 AM.

    On our event page, the start time is shown incorrectly as 8:00 AM.

    That was the original time planned but due to a tight schedule with our afternoon events on Thursday, we felt it would better to start a half hour earlier. So as mentioned below, we will meet in the hotel lobby at 6:45AM and try to get everyone in place at the hangar and ready to begin right at 7:30. There will be coffee and donuts to help wake you up! Afterward, we'll have boxed lunches for everyone back at the hotel.

    BACFest 2019 - Colorado

    If you missed the earlier post about registering for this event - see below.
    -Rick Koch
    BAC Art Director
    C23 Sundowner

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    Rick, I have a confirmed room, Faa safety seminar registration and thought Dohnae & I were registered for BACFest...but I haven’t seen the ‘R’ to indicate/confirm that. Thanks, Dean

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    Rick, when I registered I indicated I’d be flying in via Sundowner. That’s change to flying in commercial a week in advance and staying a couple of days after BACFest. Excited about seeing everyone again, and touring in the area.
    Greg J.

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    M Greg Johnson

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    Hey Dean-you’re all set! The “R” was used early on to remind folks to complete registrations I’ll get a final attendee list of all coming to Colorado posted here soon.

    Greg J - glad your coming no matter how you get here!!

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    We will be flying in via AA instead of Sierra. We should get in Thursday morning (maybe).
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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