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Thread: BAC Day 2019

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    0.75 working on a few commercial maneuvers.

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    Weather and personal obligations prevented flying today but I did go to the airport and confirm that the prop still turns.

    Glad to see all the people who did get to fly.

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    My first post and a good day to do it! Flew the musketeer N2334Q back home to KJZP (Pickens Co GA) from KDED (Deland Fl) after a great visit with my mother on her 73rd birthday! It was smooth at 7500ft and the Beech didn’t disappoint. Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all those who serve(d)!!

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    Put me down for 0.8 hrs. Local flight to check the new heated pitot tube and 3 takeoffs and landings to stay current. From KTAZ.

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    This is easier than my logbook flew today to Orange County New York kobelt New York and back to Danielson CT about 2 hours good flight

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    I too went to the airport after church and sat in the plane 'cause the high winds and lightning were something I did not want to contend with. Kudos to those who got in the air.

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    BAC Day 2019

    Well, it’s now 11pm on the 26th and I’m just now reading that today was a thing. But I flew my Sierra (1.7 hrs logged) on Friday and we had a blast just the same.

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    I sat in the seat of N2129W yesterday and installed a new wet compass while waiting for my customer to show up. Now this morning I am flying with my instructor at 8:00 to do some commercial maneuvers. Long live BAC!


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    N24027 flew 1.1 hrs. Took off from Shreveport Downtown airport (DTN) and flew north and then turned southeast to look at some property. I didn't even realize it was BAC Day just knew I needed to get in the air after not being up for 2 weeks.
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    N9185S, just around the pattern then BAC in the hangar and drove to see friends under clouds and winds.
    Michael Dunlevie

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