BAC Day 2019

In 2013 Tom Robertson (TOMTERRIFIC) suggested this:

I propose we schedule a BAC Day. This day would be set aside by members for the purpose of taking our Beeches for a flight. Flights can be for 5 minutes or an all day affair. On subsequent days we would write our experiences to a forum here for everyone to see. How many of our aircraft can get into the air in one day?

So, what do you think?

I don't find a record of how many of our planes took to the air that day six years ago. However, it seems like a fun thing to do again.

So, I have arbitrarily picked the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend as celebrated in the United States (May 26th) for our event. To qualify fly your plane anywhere for any length of time on May 26, 2019. Report that you flew on this thread. Only a short message like "N1234X flew on BAC Day" is necessary. Write more detail including where and how high etc. if you like. Maybe try skywriting that day.

Wherever you are in the world BAC Day begins at local sunrise on May 26 and ends at local sunrise on May 27. If you can only go to the airport and touch your plane because of crappy weather we may later decide to count that.

Good luck. Tom Corcoran