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Thread: New York Metropolitan Tri-State Fly In

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    Sussex has a decent breakfast and lunch place just off the field.

    Probably could setup an outdoor tent in the field just off the taxiway if we wanted an extended gathering. (We should get permission for this.)

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    You guys are trying hard to make these fly-ins too nice.
    If there is a restaurant nearby we will take it.
    If there is something to do we will do it.
    If our only event is to listen to each other and look at each other's planes, that's sufficient.

    All we need is one member to be at the destination airport and wait to see who arrives.
    Pick a date. Pick a place. Post it on the event calendar.
    BAC will sponsor it.

    The club owns a 10x10 tent which (for a small fortune) the club can ship to you.
    Hint: If there is already an event at your field we are happy to join it.

    Tom Corcoran

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    As soon as there are some suggestions for dates, post BACFEST, I will see about working out a place and a final date and rain date.


    Robert Kittine - CFI, CFII, CFMEI

    West Nyack Aviation, L.L.C.
    Manhattan and Sag Harbor, New York

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