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Thread: Are there ever any fly-in's in Florida?

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    We gotta start the day of the flight by chanting Fun, Fun, Fun,,,

    Things are finally slowing down for me, so I'll try to see if I can schedule something for us in Fla in the next couple of weeks. It be a good excuse to get in the mouses and fly. Florida is not that wide so I think any mouse driver can make it. VNC is a good place, if we are going to the beach, if we just wanna have a Late Lunch Albert Whitted (KSPG) is another good place. But as people keep telling me ya never know if anyone will show up.. So no need to fly 3 hours just so I am alone in some airport. Consequently if I am solo at a place I still want a good comfortable joint.

    In any event if someone wants to step up and call a place to fly to, I'll show up all else being equal (okay weather, no revenue producing, work etc..).

    Gotta have fun fellow sky thrashers, and bug smashers.

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    Been to VNC couple times...good fbo and plenty activities nearby. Florida is not too narrow when you gotta come way from the extreme north west portion of the panhandle. But it’s still worth it anyway.

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