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Thread: Are there ever any fly-in's in Florida?

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    I think mine was in the hanger. There are a couple there.

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    Okay I kept seeing a Sierra there, so its yours cool. I am thinking about the one I see on the tie downs...

    I also saw a Sierra at PGD a few days ago was wondering if he was on here.

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    The end of the month I am going to get an Amphib rating, just in case Marty can figure out how to install floats on a Sierra. So probably in July early part I'll see if I can do Sharky's, and maybe get a swim at the beach. Guys Just in case,, Sharky's is walking distance from the airport. Walked it several times..

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    Yup I lived next to PMP on A1A back some years ago Port Royale Apts. PMP great airport......
    Was based at FXE for Customs... was doing the Islands cargo runs back in those days.

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    VNC is my field as well, we have a great restaurant on field much more affordable called Suncoast Café, Tony makes great food, just a suggestion.



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    Lol thats great we all gotta get together one of these days. I was at Sharky's 2 days ago. I drove up, if I fly can't have a beer. Driving Port Charlotte to VNC is under an hour and about 15 or so minutes in the Sierra.

    Hot day today 96f....
    In Colorado they have a record snow pack,, sounds kinda good.

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    When landing at KVNC, what FBO or ramp does one park at?
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    Sun Coast Air Center
    Nice place, fuel and restaurant.

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    Thanks. Need an excuse to go there. Been a while.
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    Good inputs mentioned, ANYBODY can host a fly-in...and if AS LONG AS IT'S POSTED ON THE CALENDAR, it's an official BAC function and any group meal you host will be reimbursed by the club. Just scan the meal receipt to me and I will forward to Candy Gooderum our club treasurer.

    Also, compile a roster of attendees with their mode of transportation, home airport call letters and zap it to me also, so I can total PT points.

    My airplane's has been a hangar queen off/on last six months, so I've been out of pocket. But, please step up and host one if you like! Of course, we have the big Sun n Fun airshow every April and would love to see more BACers show up...always have a great dinner gathering.

    Yes, it's indeed frustrating, but I've hosted just three/four folks before and we had a blast nonetheless!

    Go for it and fly safely!

    Charley Booton, Sierra, N9143S
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