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Thread: Beaumont Hotel, KS (07S)

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    Beaumont Hotel, KS (07S)

    Need a place to stay on the way to BACFest? Join us Tuesday, Sept 10th at the historic Beaumont Hotel (07S) and taxi your plane to the front door! The airstrip is a 2400ft grass strip. After landing, taxi down Main St to the hotel. There's no gas and the cafe is only open on weekends so eat before you get there. (Hangar Cafe at M09 is a nice option!) There's no lights on the field so arrive before dark! They probably won't be there to let us in so they'll leave the keys under the mat! (Yes Toto, we are in Kansas!) It's about a 4 hr flight from there to Denver. Bring beverages to wet your whistle as we hangar fly into the evening!
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    Sounds very interesting!
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    Cool! I'll try to come down to meet up for the evening. I've wanted to fly in there since I saw it about 14 years ago.

    I highly recommend checking out Stearman Field (1K1), 30 miles away, for a bite to eat and to just see the field. Very impressive place.
    1963 Musketeer M-367

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    We flew to Stearman Field as part of BACTAC (BAC Tenth Anniversary Celebration) about three or four years ago. Neat old planes and cars that weekend.
    Bob Schmidt, Founding Member
    Sundowner N282G has landed in:

    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    Stearman Field Bar & Grill is great. They have daily hours. The North Central Region had a fly-in there a few years ago. We got a hotel and stayed overnight. We got to see the museum at the air base. Here is a link to the grill:
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    Actually, I think you meant MO9. The hangar cafe is located at MO9, Kingsley Field in Miller, Missouri. It is a grass runway (3100'X150') with a little bit of paving too... The restaurant is in a quonset hut type hangar. It is a great little place. I have been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not all in the same day. Beaumont Hotel is just another hour to the west of the hangar cafe.

    For all of those mouse pilots coming from the east, on the eastern side of Missouri is Kennett Memorial Airport (KTKX). That is a great pit stop for fuel. The price is currently at $3.38/gallon. It is always the lowest cost fuel around... From Kennett, it's about a 2 hour flight to the Hangar Cafe. That'll burn just enough fuel to make you comfortable at Kingsley Field and plenty of fuel to make the less than one hour flight to Beaumont.
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    We're planning on dinner at the Hangar Kafe in Kingsley (MO9) and then on into Beaumont. If there's any interest, we can set a dinner time and have a fly-in there for dinner and then onto Beaumont for overnight.

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    I'll join for dinner.
    1963 Musketeer M-367

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    Would 5pm work for dinner? We've still got to have time to fly to Beaumont before dark

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    Works for me. Don't let me influence time if others are coming though because I'm not planning to join the rest of the trip.
    1963 Musketeer M-367

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