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Thread: Maine Summer At The Beach Fly-In

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    What time and place is the BAC meet up?

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    Typically the meet up is at 11:15am.
    It's up to Lisa who is the BAC host of this event.

    But, don't rush.
    It takes an hour or more to exhaust the initial hangar talk and BAC BS.
    If you arrive at noon we are likely just thinking about eating... which may be on the airport property.

    Tom Corcoran

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    I'll take my cue from the fly-in veterans, so 11:15 a.m. sounds perfect for the meet up. I'm assuming we'll have a BAC banner that we can hang in a prominent place, so we can rally round the banner.
    Lunch is set for 12:00, the restaurant is sending a bus for us, return I presume about 1:00. Restaurant is Bentley's - a renowned biker bar! - about 4 miles away, great menu including lobstahs.
    Aircraft parking will be managed by someone running around with cones so when you get to the runway exit, announce on CTAF 123.0 and they will guide you to parking. That's what I've been told.
    See you there and hooray for BAC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mouseflyer View Post
    Weather looks cooperative so far. Let's hope it holds out.

    Where do they keep the lobsters at the airport?

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    Contrary to legend, lobstahs do NOT roam the property, but the lunch venue has them on the menu!

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    Steve, we'll take you whatever mode you use to travel. Lunch restaurant has lobstahs on the menu, if that helps

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    Gary, if you are a lobster fan we will be going to lunch at 12:00 from Biddeford, return around 1:00 then you can fly to KLWM which should be only 30-40 minutes. If not, then we'll see you the next time, and probably at Arvada
    Happy flying

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    Hi everyone who might come to Biddeford for our BAC fly-in Saturday Aug 17, here is info that may be helpful:

    • Parking at the airport for transients is (“probably”) going to be on the MOWED grass area on the northwest side of the runway. I will look for divots and holes early Saturday to make sure nobody has a prop strike. I am told that there will be at least one person directing aircraft on the ground, once the aircraft pulls off the runway, based on CTAF communication 123.0. There is no NOTAM posted about the open house or taxi restrictions since there is no change to airborne procedures ( I suggested that it would be prudent to post one for advance info, but not agreed to).
    • Fuel is still $4.69/gal as of today (he better not raise it for Saturday!) and the pump will be open for fueling. The airport may want to tow planes to & from the pump instead of taxiing due to foot traffic on the tarmac. I have a motorized tug that fits my Super and should fit all Mice that have the 2 pins on the nosegear. All BACers please feel free to use my tug. It drinks 100LL.
    • Lunch is set up for 10 people at Bentley’s, a biker bar 4 miles south of the airport in Arundel. Transportation for 10 is being provided by Bentley’s; if we don’t have 10 BACers (it sounds like we’ll have 4-5), then I’ll fill the seats with locals who have already expressed an interest in accompanying us (at their expense, they understand). Lunch bus departs at noon, probably return about 1 p.m.
    • Contrary to the legend, lobstahs DO NOT prowl the grounds or runway at the airport. However, they are available locally and Bentley’s has them on their menu. Also, lobstah stew, shrimp, lots of stuff.
    • Since this is my first time hosting a fly-in, please advise if I should contact all those who indicated attendance? Also, should I post these updates, and if so I’m also not sure how to send out a group update. I want to feel that everyone has the info they need. Any & all are welcome to text me on cell 724-875-1970 and/or mobile email on
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    What is the best way to track the weather there? Are SFM or PWM airports good representations of the weather at B19?

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    Right now, the KPWM TAF is forecasting 600 OVC with vis 4 after 1200Z. Up our way it’s even worse with LIFR at 100 OVC with vis 1/2 and fog until 1500Z. Unless the forecast changes significantly, I don’t think I will attempt it.


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    I just checked the airport Open House Facebook page, they have not invoked the rain date so it appears that tomorrow is the event. Yes, the weather is not at all favorable! KPWM is closer to the coast than B19 and is 15 NM north, so their weather is more in sync with Biddeford. KSFM is farther inland so they can have much different weather, not as affected by the ocean temps.
    Sorry to say,I can fully understand if anyone/everyone can't make tomorrow. I keep thinking "what would I do" and I would not even take off for B19 if the forecast calls for 600 OVC. Be aware, fog can blow in - like it did this afternoon - and the sun is still visible straight up but horizontal viz is only a few hundred feet.
    It is ossible, though not likely, that the current conditions could be considerably better in the morning due to slight changes in wind at the coast. However, Saturday afternoon is a fairly guaranteed marginal weather situation.
    Thank you all, I'll reschedule this again, maybe in August, if a few folks are interested! I mean...lobstahs, y'know? And beach!

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