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Thread: Maine Summer At The Beach Fly-In

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyGooderum View Post
    Sure wish we lived closer, Lisa!
    Candy, me too!! At least we'll all be living REALLY close for a few days in September, we'll hafta pack a lot of catching up into that time. Y'know, if Mark would hurry up on inventing that teleporter that he should invent, all this would be solved.But we still need our airplanes.

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    And I'd like to hear about your Oshkosh adventures. I keep moving farther away from WI, I may never get there

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    Gary, it'd be great to see you 2 in Biddeford! We took a day trip to Bar Harbor about 3 weeks ago, took exactly one hour from here (we bent the course a bit to stay over more dry land...) and Columbia Air Services at BHB treated us well. You could make it in 45 minutes. Lots of jets there,we felt small. Also, if you have a Natl Parks pass, you can ride the shuttle bus for free and forget renting a car. Driving in Acadia N.P. is like walking through molasses.

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    [From Tom Corcoran:"Being the Maine region director for BAC I can sweeten the offer...
    BAC will buy lunch for members and their flying companions who participate.
    Also, each member will get a Beech Aero Club signal kit. These were prepared to help downed planes get noticed by searchers.
    We have some tool bags and ammo boxers left from previous fly-ins which will be distributed while they last.
    Members who arrive will be credited for president's points which comes with attaboys at BACFest."]

    Tom, you sure know how to prime the pump! This is a great interest level and I am very excited about it all! By the way, the restaurant that has the bus is named Bentley's and it is in Arundel. I will talk to them this week to finalize it. Thank you much for the BAC lunch offer too, this will work out really well.
    I'm now going to look up 1B9...
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