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Thread: Maine Summer At The Beach Fly-In

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    Orbiting Earth Heading to Pluto corcoran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    Steve Cote and I expect to fly tomorrow to B19 Maine. Only about 90 miles from my base 1B9 Massachusetts.

    That will change if the weather is not good VFR. If we don't do the fly-in tomorrow all the goodies and prizes will be available at the next fly-in.

    Go or no go is up to Lisa, whom we thank for organizing this. And, yes, BAC will still pay for lunch... including lobstah.

    Tom Corcoran
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    Tom and Steve, I'd love to see you folks tomorrow at B19! For marginal VFR, it is in a pretty flat part of the coast with no high obstructions. Beware P-67 (Bush residence). However, a lot of traffic on the weekends, I would strongly suggest flight following from Portsmouth north. From KSFM north, it's KPWM radar services. Tomorrow by noon, both KSFM and KPWM (Sanford and Portland) call for improvement to 1500 OVC, light SE winds, visibility 6+. Earlier in the morning I think there will be some patchy coastal fog; since B19 is about 3 miles inland, it "generally" burns off by ~10:00 a.m. I think by late afternoon, say after 3 p.m., there could be deterioration locally since large-scale weather is slowly heading east.
    So, if you guys fly, take your time and maybe figure to arrive around 11:30, just in time for lunch. If you drive, well then stay for the duration! For anyone else contemplating flying, it sounds flyable locally between late morning and mid-afternoon, but plan your route carefully. Above all be safe, we can always (and will) do a fly-in here again so there is no need to push any limits.

    If anyone gets marooned here, we have a variety of ways to make you happy you're stuck here. Could even loan you a car if need be. And you could swim in the lobstah tank!
    Thank you all!

    Travels of N6924Q (A23-24), N6969Q (A23-24), and N5813V (PA-28-181)

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    While I'd like to see you all and wrestle the giant lobsters off the taxiways, the weather looks awful. If we can find a day with good weather, I'd be up for trying this again.

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    Hey to everyone that was/will be interested in a fly-in at Biddeford ME (B19):

    Today's weather for the planned fly-in was worse than forecast, in fact below minimums for the localizer approach (400ft). We know this because a local tried the approach, we could see them right above the airport after they broke off the approach. I believe that they diverted to KPWM since they didn't try a second approach.
    To add to the worseness, it started to mist about 11:00 a.m. Everyone marveled at how lousy the weather was! This reality was forecast last Sunday to be sunny/partly cloudy, part of a stretch of several CAVU days. An epic turnabout indeed. In fact, it was so bad that I canceled the Bentley's bus since I could not find even 5 people to load for lunch. To add insult to injury, the 100LL gas pump quit working this morning, right after the airport had raised the fuel price to $4.82/gal!

    I'd like to reschedule the fly-in since on a good day this is a nice destination. However, I will not believe a forecast more than about 4 days ahead, and I'd like the gas pump to be fixed before a fly-in (it's still the cheapest fuel within at least 60 miles although KPWM is also at $4.82 self-serve). I'll confer with Tom Corcoran and write something mid-week.
    Thank you all for your interest and messages!

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    If at first you don't succeed. Try again. I want to say it took 3 or 4 attempts for the fly in to Ocean city, MD to happen.

    Thanks for putting this together.

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    Hey everyone, the forecast for Saturday Aug 24 really does look like it will be a good day for this fly-in, so I'm posting it again on the calendar!

    Maine Summer Near The Beach Fly-in. Planning on 10:00 a.m until mid-afternoon, lunch at Bentley's, possible beach outing for anyone interested after we finish our BAC-related chats.

    Tom Corcoran has already indicated that he cannot make it to B19 on 8/24, so I don't think there are free lunches this time. Tom, correct me if I'm wrong! Also, no need for a bus from Bentley's for lunch this time, it's OK I have enough SUV space for us.

    If questions, my cell is 724-875-1970 or email <>

    Thank you all,

    Travels of N6924Q (A23-24), N6969Q (A23-24), and N5813V (PA-28-181)

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    Orbiting Earth Heading to Pluto corcoran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,

    In your honor and to the benefit of all BAC members participating...
    I WILL be attending on August 24th.

    Lunch will be on BAC and if lobstah is on the menu then lobstah is approved.

    Attendance prizes will be given straight from the bowels of the BAC Northeast warehouse.

    A prize of a 40 piece socket wrench set will be awarded to the first BAC member who finds the mystery Sundowner as discussed below.

    Tom Corcoran 781 843-4321

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    How many can your SUV serve? I think I can make this but I will have my 3 kids with me.

    Is a taxi or Uber an option at this airport?

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    N750TH is still fueled and ready from last Saturday's aborted fly in. Weather looks good and I plan to make it.


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    Orbiting Earth Heading to Pluto corcoran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    Corcoran is ready for Biddeford too.

    I have all the prizes on board, fueled and ready to launch... including the 40 piece socket set for finding the mystery Sundowner.
    See reply #15 below.

    Lunch provided by BAC.

    Tom Corcoran 781 843-4321
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