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Thread: Maine Summer At The Beach Fly-In

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    I will try to make it by 10:30 am

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    Hooray for Tom, Ken, Glenn, Mouseflyer, and whoever else plans to come to Biddeford tomorrow! I have an SUV that can carry 4 people + driver, and Marylee has one that also carries 4+driver. So, partly in answer to Mouseflyer's question about his 3 kids, yes we can haul the whole bunch. If we go over 10 people, I will schmooze the IA (Josh at Sunbird Aviation) at the field into carrying some in return for all the airplane stories he will hear.

    For tomorrow, figure on parking aircraft on the tiedown area in front of the FBO building. If it is full, there is an overflow ramp beyond the tiedown area. Since Tom C is able to attend, we can put up the BAC banner on the fence by the people-gate and rally there. For anyone needing to get into the FBO door or back onto the ramp, the code is 1230 for the door and 123 for the ramp gate. Also, the fuel pump is fixed.

    All for One, One for All!
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    Good morning. Its a beautiful day but unfortunately I will not be able to make it. A family function got scheduled and interferes with my flying schedule.

    (My wife and I disagree on priority.)

    Hope the fly in is awesome and I can make it next time.

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    The weather was good and so were the lobsters! Thanks to Lisa for hosting a great fly in and driving us to Bentley's. Bentley's definitely has a biker atmosphere to it.


    L to R: Glenn, Tom, Ken, Lisa

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    Orbiting Earth Heading to Pluto corcoran's Avatar
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    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    Just another BAC Fly-In in Maine.

    Menu's always the same. Just ask Lisa Miller and Ken Cook!

    BAC Lisa Miller Ken Cook biddeford maine HB 040.jpg

    Glenn Castner found the mystery plane.
    Ken Cook flew the longest distance.
    Lisa Miller was the hostest/organizer.
    Tom Corcoran went for the ride.

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    Great time yesterday for all the BACers at B19! Thanks to Tom, Glenn, Ken, all the bikers at Bentley's, and Screaming Eagle Aviation who kept dropping and snatching banners the whole time we were there (they fly over Old Orchard Beach with those "Oxford Casino" banners and others). Attached are some pix of the aero activity at B19
    What a day!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Not to worry, we'll either get you here or come to your airport. Although, Biddeford has aerial banner drops and snatches which are pretty dramatic to watch

    Travels of N6924Q (A23-24), N6969Q (A23-24), and N5813V (PA-28-181)

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    It was a great day I love this club

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