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Thread: Massey Air Museum, MD (MD1)

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    Thanks Peter! Our Skippy was built in 1980! My Wife flies into your beautiful City often for work on UAL. I've had the opportunity to explore the City a couple of times. Wonderful sites and great beer!

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    So, maybe next time she is scheduled join her for the trip and let me know! I would like to add more BACers on the list of visitors to Germany!
    Greetings from Costa Mesa (KSNA) where I'm visiting a friend right now. I even had the chance to meet skymaster who showed me his beautiful Super. Flying back to DEN today with UAL...

    EDFE - Germany

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    Small world Peter. I flew with a consortium of pilots from Costa Mesa Police, Santa Ana Police, Newport Beach Police, and the Orange County Sheriff's.

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    I think we did one at KGED a few years ago. Give me some dates that work for you and I'll set one up!


    Quote Originally Posted by Chopperbob View Post
    Unfortunately, I was driving my Wife up to KEWR that day for her work trip.

    I will definitely look into the event calendar. I don't know if anyone has planned a KGED (Delaware Coastal) fly-in, but the Arenas restaurant in the terminal building makes terrific sandwiches and sweet potato fries. It's a possible option, if it hasn't been done.

    A little more about our Skipper. He was a barn find for a Hondajet A&P out of Greensboro, NC. He got our 1980 Skipper running and flew him cross-country from TX to NC. Then he overhauled the engine and put in a modern instrument panel including two G-5s, an fan cooled Ipad dash mount, 430, and Garmin audio panel. Skippy isn't fast, but for me, at 6-4, his cockpit is spacious and comfortable compared to a Liberty, Warrior, or Cessna. We were looking for comfort and build quality, so we got both in the baby beech.

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