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Thread: AOPA Fly-in Tullahoma, TN, KTHA, 13-14 Sep 2019

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    Ok, sounds like y'all didn't gather for a meal? If not, no big deal...just that it would've been covered by the club.

    In any event, could each of the members attending please send me (via this forum or my email below) your mode of travel and miles (straight line) from your home airport to Tullahoma? That way, I'll forward that info to Alan White for PT points tally. Scroll above for more detail if necessary.


    Charley Booton, N9143S

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    IF you've got 7 minutes check out my video of the fly in.

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    Very nice !
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
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    Great video Tom. Thanks for sharing. If you do FB that would be great on the BAC Group page.
    Michael Dunlevie

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    Thanks guys.

    I sent a link via messenger to the Facebook page but other than that I don’t know how to post there.


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