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Thread: Gastons Videos Ready

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    Gastons Videos Ready

    The Videos of arrivals and departures at the Gastons Fly In are now ready for viewing. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a streaming server. The videos will look much better if you follow the directions on the page to download to your computer to view.
    The Jay Bruce from Inside videos were taken by Jay's Wife, Deanna. Quite a unique perspective. The Landing view will be uploaded soon and I will create a link to it when it is there. It will be interesting to be able to compare the outside view to the inside view.
    Click the link To View the Videos . . . Enjoy.

    Dave Buttram

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    Dave: I have Windows XP on my computer and an error message says I need a "Codec" to run the video. Which Codec did you use to record these videos to the file.

    I am computer Illiterate and this is greek to me so If this is a "stupid question, please forgive and indulge me.



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    Not sure what codec is (probably a Microsoft code word for send more money ) but I am playing them on XP with Windows Media Player. You might go to the Windows Update website (Should be a shortcut somewhere under start and all programs) and make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player. Download and install it and that will probably fix the problem.


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    Also, keep in mind that you will need high speed internet to install any updates from the microsoft web site.

    You might have problems playing these videos if your profile on your computer does not have full administrative rights. It could be a common problem if you got the computer through work, and your IT staff was trying to protect the computers from viruses or spyware.

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    Codec is short for "compressor/decompressor". A codec in this case is a piece of software that decompresses the movie from the file and plays it on the screen. (This is a little bit of an over simplification.)

    Even within one particular video format (like MPEG, MOV, etc) a video can be encoded with different codecs. So just because you can open and play one type of MPEG file doesn't mean you can open and play them all.... You also must have the proper codec installed on your computer.

    I'm not sure what software Dave used to create the videos, but the particular codec in this case the audio codec was mpga and the video codec was mpgv.

    Those particular codecs should be fairly standard on many computers, but there could be something weird about those video files aside from the codecs. I have those codecs installed on my computer, however one of my media players refused to open the videos saying they were corrupt. Another media player opened them just fine.

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    Gene, you probably aren't too far from me. If you don't have someone more local that can look at it, I might be able to come down and help out with the laptop.

    Let me know.

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    I was getting the same error message and finally figured out what the problem may be. I believe this is shot in a DVD format. My computers at the office and at home had CD ROM drives rather than a DVD drive. When I copied the file to my laptop that has a DVD drive, I was able to view it.

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    Just type in your search engine CODEC and download a free patch.

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