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Thread: FLY-IN, JACKSON, OHIO (I43). Airport's 50th Anniversary.

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    FLY-IN, JACKSON, OHIO (I43). Airport's 50th Anniversary.

    Perfect opportunity for a Fly-in to southeastern Ohio on Saturday, August 24 (with rain date on the 25th). This is the 50th anniversary of the James A. Rhodes Airport (I43). The airport is named after Governor Rhodes, Ohio's only four term governor, who was born in Jackson County.

    Events include the Grimes flying lab that was also there 50 years ago. There will be food booths, bi-plane rides, etc... This will also show off our brand new runway. The runway is so new that the lines and numbers will not be painted yet. AND THERE WILL BE A $0.25 PER GALLON FUEL DISCOUNT. I will be working the event and hope to see some BAC members then.

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    Joe Kirby
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    Sounds great, Joe. I've got it on my calendar. I think John told me they expected the new runway to be complete by mid-August. Sorry you couldn't get out to come to Columbus last Saturday!


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    Update, the runway should open tomorrow and temporary lines down this week. Looks like we should be good for a fly-in on 8/24. $0.25 discount on fuel for the airport anniversary.

    Joe Kirby
    Sierra N9299S

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    New runway is open. Rumor is that Martha Lunken may be here Saturday, as well.

    Joe Kirby
    Sierra N9299S

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