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Thread: Alaska 2020

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    John, congratulations on the anniversary. How was the weather while you were there.

    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNNYXRAY View Post
    Andrea and I just spent a week in Fairbanks for our 30th . AWESOME !!!! Chena Hot springs has a air strip and lodging , North Pole Alaska is not far from Fairbanks and Flying around Denali is amazing . We went commercial but flew around Denali in a charter .

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    [QUOTE=bbyer;129410]My thoughts are that you want to clear customs at a small airport. The link below provides a list of aircraft Ports of Entry. These have both US and Canadian Customs and I suggest you choose a little one, but not all are paved.

    Saskatchewan and Manitoba are a bit easier in that almost no one lives in either Province but they still have some paved strips left over from the WWII Commonwealth Air Training Plan. For Saskatchewan, Regina, (CYQR) comes to mind.

    If I go direct to Fort Nelson, Regina is on my flight path. That could be a good solution.

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    A page from the AAA Logbook with a quick description of the Alaska Highway (Northwest Staging) route. If you want to camp, I'd try for an overnight at Watson Lake. Whitehorse used to have a few campsites with an outhouse (full of spiders) and three rooms for rent at the FBO, but I don't know if they are still available and it's certainly not a wilderness experience!


    And a couple of more detailed pages describing part of the route

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvanover View Post
    Flying formation (loose) with a Sierra and a Sundowner wasn't a big deal. The Sundowner can't be at an economy power setting or the Sierra will run out of oil. But with the Sundowner set for 75% and best power at 6,500 ft, it will do 112 KTAS (119 KTAS after the Vanover/Weiss rigging ritual). If you use 2375 rpm and 20-22" MAP, you will be close to the same speed and still make enough BMEP to keep the rings sealed. The Sundowner will be burning 10.5 gph to your 6.0 gph, but that didn't seem to be a problem ....... for me. Keep the formation loose, but don't loose sight as it can be hard to fine each other again. I found that ATC (at least in the States) gets a little nervous when you're flying close enough there is only one return on their scope. So try to stay at least 10 feet apart.
    How do I get one of those riggings?

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    I will take a bit of exception to Marty's formation flying. On the first trip, we were up to 10 miles apart at times when we went to explore something interesting. We used distance to next waypoint as a judge of how far in trail we were and which side of river/highway we were on for lateral distance. If we were close and not visual, we made sure we were at different altitudes. I'm not necessarily recommending you do it, but there is lot's to see and keeping an eye out for the other guy all the time can detract from the sightseeing. Of course we had only two planes, so not a big issue. The only time our method was an issue is when we were following the White River and it made a 90 degree bend perpendicular to our waypoint. We were only watching the distance differences, not the actual miles to waypoint. Brian caught up to us (distance to waypoint), when in fact he was still about five miles behind us. Lesson learned!

    I thin there was a thread here that if you have ADSB, even in Canada, and someone to interrogate you, ADSB will work to give you everyone's position.
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    I've been trying to email you BACFest update materials and your email address comes back as delivery failure.
    Can you please send me an email so that I'll have your address again.

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    Found this:

    Haven't looked at it yet, but I found it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aftcg View Post
    Found this:

    Haven't looked at it yet, but I found it!
    Looks like a lot of good info. Wish I would have had it on my trips.
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    Also flew VH-WEI in Oz.

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    A lot of good reading, thanks for the post.

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    I would love to do this trip, however I don't think I want to jump through all the hoops to do my 3rd class medical again....... However, it would be worth it for this trip! How would the group feel about 100kt sport joining the fun?
    Roland Ashby
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