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Thread: Alaska 2020

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    Denis, just for curiosity does the radio operator license I got back in the ‘70s work/legal today?
    Thanks, Greg J.
    Hope so. Just looked at mine under a magnifying glass, very faded but June 12, 1972.

    Radio License 6-12-1972.jpg
    Michael Dunlevie

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    I still have mine from 1978...
    Chris Nowak
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    FYI and not a recommendation, but:

    I've flown to Canada many times and have never been asked for a radio station license (or much of any thing else). I asked a Canadian Customs officer at Oshkosh about it a few years ago. His response "I've inspected planes 'with prejudice' and have never asked for a radio station license."

    I do not have one, but would get one if going anywhere but Canada.

    There are times when you just call Canadian Customs and they give you a verification number on the phone and you are on your way.
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    No one ever asked me for one in over 45 years and all sorts of countries including flying in Europe. Of course all over the Caribbean Mexico Guatemala and some other places I don't even remember.... oh yeah even one time over Koobah Cuba. Lol

    Right over the years I must have bought or signed for 3-4 different ones I keep losing them.

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    There are two permits required, a radio station license (A100-ARROW) and a radio operator. The station license is only applicable to your aircraft, so unless you have the same aircraft that you had at the time of the license it would not be valid at this time.

    When you make an application for the station license if the radio is portable (hand held) that is a different license. So I won't be bringing a hand held.

    For the radio operator license, the FCC website says that it is valid for your life time. (I only know what I read on the website)

    I make my best effort to comply with all regulations when flying or for any other applicable reason. I am the guy that the enforcement agency would walk past 10 other violators to single out and take into custody. It let's me sleep better knowing that I complied.

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    It’s February and it’s only 4-1/2 months to departure. Here is another item to check off the to do list, order your Customs Border Decal. It is required to return to the US. Here is the link:
    If you don’t have an account you have to register. The total time to register, order the decal, and pay was about 15 minutes. The decal is valid for 2020.
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