Big annual fly-in hosted at Middleton Field, KGZH, Evergreen, AL. I've attended several over the past few years. Nice re-purposed military airfield where the event is well organized, staffed and enjoyable. Includes other activities such as sausage festival, rodeos, and auto show. Typical of most fly-ins; there's seminars, static displays, markets, tasty food garnished with good southern hospitality. Airshow armbands are $5.00 and kids under 12 free.

Access for more details including, FAQs, NOTAMs, schedule of events. Plenty of parking, nearby hotels and camping.

Also, look for "SERFI" on Facebook.

I plan on attending and will hopefully host a BAC lunch on Saturday, 19 October and funded by BAC.

Would certainly welcome anyone else who would like to help with logistics/organizing.

Fly Safely,

Charley Booton, Sierra, N9143S
SE Director