David Crouch, against all odds, managed to find a source for adapter plugs
($75) that will fit the external power sockets on our aircraft. It was very
good of him to find them, and to share that information. Many of us have
been looking for a source of these plugs for years.

I need to let everyone know that one of our members, Bill Manhein, has been
working on a design for a very durable adapter plug. Bill has about $800
invested in materials, most of them already on hand. He didn't want me to
publicize the project until he had everything in hand, and had begun
production, in order not to jump the gun. The discovery of another source
made it necessary for me to speak up about Bill's project.

Bill has a simple and solid design, somewhat different from the version
shown on the latest company's website. He is targeting a price of $65 for
our group, and expects to have units available for sale before the end of
this year. Everyone is, of course, free to buy wherever they wish. If you
aren't in a hurry for a plug, please at least consider the new product from
Bill, so that his investment made on the Club's behalf won't be in vain. I
will publish a photo of Bill's prototype unit, as soon as he makes it
available to me; he is making them to last a lifetime.
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