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Thread: Breakfast with a Stearman, Wichita, KS (1K1)

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    Breakfast with a Stearman, Wichita, KS (1K1)

    Heading to BACFest? Live in the area? Meet us for breakfast at 9am on 9/11 at the Stearman Field Bar and Grill. It's there on the field!

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    9am is kinda early for me, I would have to leave kset by 5 am to catch you there. Stearman is a good refueling stop for me. I will be in there a little later. If your plans are a little flexible I can get airborne at day break with the light situation at my home field. They said the runway lights work now, but I am a skeptic.
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    What time would you be there?

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    I am looking at about noonish, I am going to take my time and enjoy the ride. Will probably stop at k81 for some bbq then at stearman from there.
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    I will listen for you guys on the radio, maybe i can say hi as your taking off.
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    We will most likely be gone by the time you get there

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    It rained in stl last night mist in the morning had the visibility down under 5miles till 930. Did not get airborne till 945.
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