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Thread: Beech (Auto-Valve Corp) Flush Drain Valve Photos

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    Beech (Auto-Valve Corp) Flush Drain Valve Photos

    From: Mike Rellihan []
    Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 5:43 PM
    To: 'BAC Mail'; ''
    Subject: Beech (Auto-Valve Corp) Flush Drain Valve Photos

    I'm trying to wrap up the instruction article on repairing the post-type and
    flush-type original-equipment wing drain valves. I have all the photos I
    need, with the exception of a disassembled Beech flush drain valve. Can
    anyone help me out? If someone has an old one, I would be happy to repair
    it in exchange for the opportunity to photograph it. I just don't have an
    old one here in Laurens.

    Once I publish the article, I will have complete drain valve repair kits
    available. The remaining rings that I need are on the way. The kits will
    include all the rings needed for both types of valves, so that you won't get
    halfway through a job and discover that you need a different ring.

    Can anyone help me out with photos or a flush valve? I have everything I
    need for the post-type valve, and for the F75 Saf-Air flush valve.

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    Beech (Auto-Valve Corp) Flush Drain Valve Photos


    It's your lucky day, I have 2 flush mount drain valves. You can have both. Just send me a forwarding address.

    I replaced them during last year's annual. I have been debating with myself (mostly my wife wants my basement shop cleaned up) to trash a lot of my old replaced parts, but decided not to pitch anything thinking that I might have a use for them someday. Well that day is here.

    Lots more replaced parts in my shop, you are welcome to them if our members can benefit from them.

    Mark, N6997R (M-1475)
    Mark & Mary Beth Perry
    760 Eltham Court
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9041
    H (737) 665-4294
    F (734) 332-1430
    C (734) 730-0964

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