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Thread: Missing BACFest 2019

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    Missing BACFest 2019

    I’m sorry that I will not be attending BACFest this year. It sounds like a great event. Rick has the info for the wings credit for those that registered. I will be flying with a relief group to and from the Bahamas for a week or so. Sad state of thing down there.
    I hope everyone that can attend has a great time in Colorado. As a regional director I do feel I should attend. But just not possible this year.

    Paul Werbin
    Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

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    Very Charitable
    Fly Safe
    Fred (fastfred) Culleton
    N6703P-Sierra C24R
    Flowery Branch, Ga
    KLZU Home Base

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    Thanks for helping out. It is amazing what the aviation community can do.
    Jay L.
    Sierra 2044L Driver

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    Paul, you've got your priorities right. Helping others at a time of need is the way it should be. May your efforts be fruitful and comforting to those who need to know that others care! Thank you for what you are doing.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    Looking at the pictures coming in, those poor people are going to need a lot of help. Your mission is of a higher priority. Stay safe while you there.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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